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Thanks for visiting the DEMO site!
27th Jun 2012 · }DEMO{ -LiTioN- · Likes · Like

Thanks for visiting the DEMO site! Member registration is disabled on this website.... but you can sign up for your own site here once your done browsing.

Enjoy your stay

iClan upgraded to 2.2
26th Jan 2011 · }DEMO{ -LiTioN- · Likes · Like has now been upgraded to 2.2. This is a minor update, and the last update of 2010.

New features:

- You can now upload a favicon to your website, which is automatically resized and placed in your file space.
- 6 new themes have been added.

If you have any queries, please contact us via your admin center.

Kind regards, merry xmas and happy new year

iClan upgraded to 2.01
22nd Sep 2010 · }DEMO{ -LiTioN- · Likes · Like has just been upgraded to v2.01.

This update fixes various bugs found on the system including:

- Fixed some smilies from displaying incorrectly
- Fixed some URL's from displaying incorrectly
- Fixed multiple posts when post button is pressed multiple times
- Fixed a bug where adding template tags such as {#clanname#} in forums

Thank you for using and sorry for the downtime while these updates took place.

iClan upgraded to v2.0
22nd Sep 2010 · }DEMO{ -LiTioN- · Likes · Like has now been upgraded to v2.0! Several new features are available in this release:

- Separation of services to a basic subscription (free) and an iClan Plus subscription.
- Added the use of your own domain functionality.
- Added a Roster panel.
- Added private messaging functionality.
- Added Country field in user profile including flag.
- Added new Call of Duty theme.
- Added a new design to the admin center.
- Added website statistics functionality.
- Added ability to edit news posts.
- Added minor improvements to modifying template.
- Added support forums at

Please contact us with your feedback. It is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for using!!!

iClan 1.5
4th Jun 2010 · }DEMO{ -LiTioN- · Likes · Like

iClan Upgrade to 1.5

You can get your clan website at

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